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At Abiding Love,

YOU are our priority.

You are likely asking yourself so many questions about adoption agencies, how adoption agencies work, how you get to make the decisions to make an adoption plan, how involved you get to be with your adoption, and likely many other questions.

Our adoption agency places YOUR needs and YOUR wishes at the top of the list. The factors that are most important to you will remain our priority throughout the process of working on YOUR adoption plan.

Abiding Love is here for YOU for the long haul, not just the now and in the moments of building your adoption plan. Our team is dedicated to your present AND your future. We are unique in that we do not work with the adoptive families. We have no gain if you place your child for adoption. 

We know your pregnancy situation is unique. We understand that the desire to have your child loved and cared for is at the top of your list when making an adoption plan. Contact us today to talk about making an adoption plan, or even what it means to make an adoption plan. Our team is here for YOU.

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Abiding Love Adoptions is an Adoption Agency that specializes in Infant Adoption. Our mission is to love and support the Birth Mother throughout the Open Adoption Process. If you want to know more about your choices you can email us by filling out the form to the right.