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What You Need to Know About

Adoption in Georgia

If you’re considering placing your baby for adoption, there are a few things you need to know!

1. Licensed in your state. The adoption agency you work with must be licensed in your state. You should never move to another state so an adoption agency can work with you.

2. Face-to-face. Your adoption agency should be meeting with you in person. You have the right to ask them to come to you to do that.

3. Open adoption. You have the right to choose your child’s adoptive family, to meet with them in person, and to receive information concerning the adoptive family so that you can be confident in your decision to place your child with them.

4. Advocate. You have the right to an advocate who works to protect you and your interests during the creation and execution of your adoption plan.

5. Post-placement care. You have the right to post-placement care and support after you execute your adoption plan. Your adoption agency should offer professional counseling, support groups, and or post-placement advocacy.

I Want to Give My Baby Up for Adoption. Where Can I Go to Get Help?

At Abiding Love Adoptions, we use the term “place for adoption” instead of “give up for adoption”.

No Expectant Mother “gives up on” her child—she decides that another path is best. We believe that adoption is a parenting choice. Only a mother who is not giving up on her child can make that decision.

Start With the Georgia Adoption Agency That Puts You First

All that being said, if you’re looking to place your baby for adoption, Abiding Love Adoptions is here to help! Unlike other adoption agencies, we only work with the Expectant Mother. This allows us to love and protect our clients as they navigate the adoption process. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your future!

Explore Adoption in Georgia

Exploring adoption with us is not a commitment to make an adoption plan. We invite you to learn more about adoption to see if it’s the best choice for you. All services are FREE and confidential!

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Carrie Murray Nellis

Executive Director & Caseworker Supervisor

Carrie's BIO

My Mother tells a story about me at the ripe age of 7. She found me pacing up and down the driveway with my suitcase full of necessities (i.e. dolls, toys, etc) in hand. A family friend happened to be out for a run and stopped me thinking I was planning to run away. He asked: “Carrie, what are you doing?” With the innocence of a 7 year old I simply answered “Mr. Stan don’t you know Jesus is coming? Are you ready?”

And with that I seem to have never stopped asking the same question to all who would listen. As I grew older I realized simply loving people was more effective than words – but when God opened the doors the question remained the same – Are you Ready?

I graduated from Wheaton College with degrees I would never use, but my time at Wheaton furthered my passion for others and a thirst to discover how my talents & passions fit into the body of christ.

My sweet husband, Gil, and I married fresh out of college. Only three months into our marriage when literally I woke him up in the middle of the night to say “God is calling me to go to Law School.” His response was as surprising as my impromptu announcement – He said “me too.” And with that we quit our jobs and went to Mercer University School of Law together. Throughout our time at Mercer I admit I was jealous of Gil. He was focused. He knew his calling was towards Tax law and Estate Planning. For three years I continually asked God “Are you sure I heard you right?” “Why am I here?” His steady voice continued to say “Just wait.”

After Graduation, I worked for a small general practice law firm in Savannah, Georgia. I was blessed with great partners who genuinely loved me, but I was lost – still not knowing why God had called me to practice law.

Within my first year of practice, I had my first Adoption case and a fire inside me started burning. Shortly afterwards The Murray Nellis Law Group was born. I quickly became involved in Juvenile Court cases and saw an opportunity to serve my clients by not only fighting for them inside the courtroom, but by loving them outside the courtroom walls as well. But as many do, I became disillusioned with the Juvenile System that so many times it fails our children and Birthparents. The Lord showed me that through Open Adoption children would have an opportunity for a stable safe upbringing and Birthparents would have the opportunity to reclaim their dignity and know what it means to be truly loved.

And so one thing lead to another – years have gone by and the Lord allowed my law practice to become exclusively centered around Adoption Law.

For years I have had the opportunity to work alongside Vicki, but in 2016, the Lord called us to start Abiding Love Adoption Agency. It is our passion to serve Birthparents and to serve them well by loving them FIRST! I consider it an honor that God chose me to love on such special women and men during one of the most difficult times of their lives.

Lori Kuykendoll

Birthmother Advocate

Lori 's BIO

I was born and raised here in Georgia, and I’m so humbled to be able to serve the women of our state. I began working with Abiding Love in August of 2022 after feeling the Lord nudge me to apply.


Since then, there are days that I have to pinch myself to be sure this is real. Not only am I able to meet some of the most selfless ladies in our state,  but while I’m serving them, they are blessing me! I’m also quite passionate about adoption, as I have two adopted children of my own.


From an early age, I knew I wanted to adopt. After having two biological children, we began fostering which enabled me to fulfill this dream! One of my favorite verses in the Bible speaks of “beauty from ashes.” The perfect representation of how God can take the potential brokenness, the ashes, of an unplanned pregnancy and turn it into a beautiful open adoption. My hope for the women I serve is to be able to minister to their needs and to help them see this beauty.


To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” Isaiah 61:3

Kerri Seigrist

Birthmother Advocate

Kerri 's BIO

An Arkansas native, born and raised, home of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Woo Pig Sooie, Arkansas has my heart. It is where I met my husband, Robert, and where we attended church together, became friends, started dating, and married in March 2005. We have five children, four biological and one through the gift of adoption. We have called Savannah, Georgia home since 2018. The moss-covered trees, quaint squares, unique eateries, diversity in culture, the downtown vibes, and the closeness of the ocean won my heart over fairly quickly.


Adoption has always been part of my life from the very beginning.  Being an adoptee and an adoptive parent, adoption has a special place in my heart.  We recently adopted our son from Arizona. Through the experiences, and all they entail, my passion for ethical adoption grew greater. Adoption is such a beautiful thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s both beautiful and painful.


Being an adoptee, and not knowing anything about my birth family or history, really opened my eyes to Open Adoption when we started pursuing adoption and the desire to build that type of relationship with our son’s birth family. I understand the importance of that for him, and for everyone involved in the adoption triad.


Since starting our adoption journey back in 2020, I began having a strong desire to do something in the adoption field, but I just didn’t know what that was supposed to look like. I pursed several positions, but nothing panned out. I see now that God’s plans were greater, and his timing is perfect. Having previously worked at our family business in Arkansas for over 14 years, to being a stay-at-home mom for four years, to then starting my career here in Savannah in the aviation industry in 2018, I am thrilled to now be serving as the Savannah area Birth Mother Advocate with Abiding Love. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve and love. I look forward to loving big and serving well. To love our moms and meet them right where they are. To lend a hand, a listening ear, a word of encouragement, to be a friend and mentor. Know you are not alone, and we are in this together.


When I’m not wrangling children or trying to catch up on sleep, you can find me at a local thrift store searching for a good deal. I mean, who doesn’t love a good bargain? I enjoy being with my family watching movies, soaking up the sun at the beach, traveling and being involved as PTO Co-Chair at the twin’s elementary school. Life is busy, and at times a bit chaotic, but when I step back and take a deep breath, I’m reminded of how blessed I am as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, co-worker and now birth mother advocate.


“Let all that you do be done in love.”

Lori A. Standard

Director Adoptive Family Advocacy and Human Resources

Lori 's BIO
I head up Adoptive Family Services for Abiding Love Adoption Agency, as well as Human Resources Department for hiring and employee management for Abiding Love Adoption Agency and Abiding Love Charities. I am honored to serve alongside our Adoptive Families in the Matching, Placement and Adoption process, if a Birthmother chooses to make an adoption plan. Abiding Love is dedicated to serve our Birthmothers in their journey, I feel that in order for us to do that we also must educate and well serve the Adoptive Families they choose. We do this by giving them a voice and educating them about Open Adoption and how to establish healthy, long lasting boundaries that grow the relationship between Parents and Child.

I am a native Georgian, growing up in Dunwoody, GA with my three sisters and numerous animals. We raised our children in Roswell, GA, most recently moving to Dahlonega, Georgia with my husband Kevin. We are a blended family of five children. My two biological children were adopted as adults by my husband and I am honored to be the Bonus Mom to his three biological children. Our kids range in age from 26 to 18 years old. We are empty-nesters starting to navigate life without children in our house for the first time, but loving mountain life. You will find us on the golf course and tennis courts, enjoying our sweet little town with its many restaurants and vineyards.

It is my honor to serve alongside our Executive Director, Staff, and Families for the past 5 years. God is gracious in the gifts He gives each of us and the calling He has placed on our hearts to serve others intentionally, and well.
Andrea House

Birthmother Advocate

Andrea 's BIO

I graduated from Winthrop University in 2001 and like most college graduates, wondered “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” As a Christian, I expected God to “call” me somewhere: a mission field, a pulpit, a classroom…. I had big ideas of where I thought God should use me. God’s ideas were different… He sent me to grad school at the College of Charleston, which is where I met my husband.

Jason was a submariner in the US Navy and once we were married, my call became to support his career, in the process moving to Kingsland, GA, Silverdale, WA, and Charleston, SC. In each of these places I found purpose – a career in social work, working primarily with individuals with developmental disabilities, and in my free time, supporting the spouses of the USS Nebraska as a Family Support Group President and Ombudsman.

After 10 years of active duty service, our family was ready for a change, and Jason decided to separate from the Navy. We had our first son and moved to Augusta, GA where I continued to work with the developmentally disabled population. In 2013, while pregnant with my second child, we made the decision that I would stay at home until our children entered school.

While I loved staying home with my babies, I confess that I always had this feeling that I needed to be doing more. I realize now that was Satan’s work – his attempt to tell me that the work of raising my children was not a holy calling. God has done a great work on me in this past 9 years – three children and a realization that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you are doing the Lord’s work.

While at home with my children, I began serving with a ministry at my church, LILY Moms. Life in the Little Years (LILY Moms) is a faith-based ministry for mothers of preschoolers. There, I found my calling, my other purpose beside being a wife and mother. It was a great honor to serve moms in the trenches – those who are doing the holy work of diapers, nap times and discipline. I realized what an honor it is to love people, and how the small action of listening can make a true difference in someone’s life.

While I was a part of LILY Moms, I met a prospective adoptive mother. I watched her journey from desire, to fundraising, to home studies, and finally to the gift of a precious baby boy. I saw her love and reverence towards another mother who had given her a precious gift. I’ve continued to watch as she strives to honor her son’s Birth Mother and make sure she remains a part of her child’s life.

And that brings me to today. I’ve joined Abiding Love with a desire to serve as a Birth Mother Advocate. I’ve realized that maybe we don’t just get one calling in life. Maybe our calling is little actions, small paths, or big steps that lead to a major difference. God has taken me on a rather circuitous path where I didn’t have one purpose but many purposes. Each job, each life event, each heartbreak has led me on a road to where I am now. I’m honored to be given the opportunity to work with those who have chosen life and love. If you are reading this and are thinking about adoption, I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to support and love you well.

Morgan Zichettella

Birthmother Advocate

Morgan's BIO

The Sánskrit word, Antevasin, means “one who lives at the border,”  an “in-betweener,” constantly between old thinking and new understanding, which is how I’d best describe myself: living between two worlds. I was raised to be a proper Southern debutant, yet I knew there was more to life than the deep South, so I sought to explore the world. My varied life experiences and cultural perspectives have given me the gift of being objective, kind, and understanding of the needs of others. I’m not afraid to dive into serious and sometimes complex topics with people I just met. I’ve learned being vulnerable and respectful can lead to meaningful conversations and connections, all because there is a mutual understanding of the importance of each being seen and heard. There is space to understand “tradition” and question the why. There is power in inclusion and value in listening and learning from others. Last time I checked, ALL are welcome at Jesus’ table.


When faced with an unexpected pregnancy in 2006 and 2014, both times, the immediate feeling of panic, being overwhelmed, and confusion about what was the right thing to do consumed me. My first pregnancy ended in an abortion. I sought answers during my second pregnancy, determined to do what would be best for all.  There’s so much nonsense on the internet, and everyone wants to tell you what they think you should do when all I desired was someone to have an in-person, non-biased conversation with me to understand my options and learn what open adoption was all about. Rational, hard decisions needed to be made, and I couldn’t do that while in a crisis mentality. Often, when emotions take over decisions, regret follows. There was never the question of wanting my child, but what was best for my child. It’s tough to humble oneself and admit to feeling incapable of parenting. A true parent’s love is willing to sacrifice their wants and needs for what’s best for their child. This bittersweet decision was no different.  Open adoption has led to an incredible relationship with my son and his family. It is essential to recognize that we all hold space for our grief, yet the peace with my decision, communication, and love among us all provides balance.


Fifty percent of pregnancies are unexpected, which means half of pregnant women experience some kind of crisis. No one should have to make this journey alone. Life as she knew it is no more, and some hard decisions are ahead. As an advocate for women and our rights, I’ve joined the Abiding Love team to amplify her voice and provide a safe space to walk alongside, listen, have hard conversations, and empower her to ensure she knows all her rights in determining what’s best for her and her child.


Never Alone. Never Forgotten. Always Loved. ~ Abiding Love

Ellen Mofield

Birthmother Advocate

Ellen's BIO

I’m a Georgia girl through and through. Born and raised in Snellville, I met my husband while attending high school. He was the funny guy who loved attention and I was the shy girl learning how to come out of her shell. While we were different in that aspect, we both had big dreams of getting married, raising a family and living on the lake. We married shortly after high school and have lived in Lawrenceville, Monroe, and Monticello before building our home on Lake Oconee. When I’m not out playing on the lake, I love going to the mountains, walking my dog and snuggling my cat.

My husband and I have two children, a daughter whom we adopted through Abiding Love Adoptions and a biological son. Open adoption is formed from brokenness on all sides of the adoption triad but praise to our Lord who promises in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that he makes all things beautiful in his time. The Lord has blessed our family tremendously in the gift of our open adoption and I love that I can go to work to help others navigate their own open adoption journey.

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Abiding Love Adoptions is an Adoption Agency that specializes in Infant Adoption in Georgia. Our mission is to love and support the Birth Mother throughout the Open Adoption Process.

Unlike other Adoption Agencies, we only work with the Birth Mother and or Birth Parents. When creating an adoption plan, we do not work with or represent the interests of the Adoptive Family. This allows us to love and protect our clients as they navigate the adoption process. Start with the AGENCY that puts YOU first!

We provide:

Financial Assistance
Medical Care & Insurance
Open Adoption Planning
and much more

Exploring adoption is not a commitment to make an adoption plan. Learn about adoption to see if it’s the best choice for you.