Parenting Vs. Adoption

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, the prospects of parenting can feel like an overwhelming choice. Before panic over parenting sets in, it is important to consider the pros and cons of parenting vs. adoption.


Things to consider with parenting:

When the emotions of parenting come flooding in, it is easy to lose sight of the very real things that need to be considered to be successful with parenting. You will need to have the following things for a hospital to let you be discharged with a newborn:

Suitable housing for a newborn (with a verifiable address)
A negative drug screen
No current involvement with state social services

Other things to consider are expenses. Children require a lot of resources. There is plenty of help to be had for single mothers in most states. Pregnancy resource centers are a large part of that help. But at the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for providing housing, food, diapers, and clothing for your child. You have to consider if you are able to provide those resources for you both, and for any other children you may already be parenting. You must put your emotions aside and get practical about what you have to provide right now.

It is said it takes a village to raise a child. And they were not kidding! Working moms need help with childcare so they can work to provide for their families. How will you find childcare for your child? Some states offer vouchers for childcare to low income families. Still, moms need to have reliable family and friends to help them care for their children.

Being a single parent can be hard. Who will help you with the highs and lows of single parenting? Every mom needs her people to help hold her up when she gets tired. Who are the people who will do that for you?

If you would like someone to talk to about the information mentioned above, you can contact us to discuss parenting vs. adoption planning or we can refer you to a pregnancy resource center in your area for further discussion on the resources that are available to you.

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