For women considering placing their child for adoption, this may be a common question that comes to mind but often an unspoken and uneasy one.

That seems a little unfair, right? To have an honest and sincere question in mind but no safe place to discuss it. Why is that?

Many (actually, MOST) adoption agencies work with both the woman who is pregnant and the prospective adoptive parents. While this may seem normal in our culture, it creates an environment that often focuses on the baby and adoptive parents, leaving the expectant mother with questions she’s unsure how to ask and feeling powerless in the process, even though the adoption agency may claim to be “advocating” for her or “looking out for her best interests.”

If you’re pregnant and reading this right now while considering adoption as your next step, please know that the only way to truly look out for your best interests is to have an adoption agency without any bias who advocates just for YOU— not a waiting family, not another adoption agency, just YOU. The only way they can truly do that is to ONLY represent YOU in the adoption process. Our adoption agency, Abiding Love Adoptions, was created for this very purpose. We have a huge heart for expectant and birth mothers.

We must completely rethink the way we talk about adoption AND the processes we support as a culture. When expectant mothers don’t feel safe to ask the most vulnerable questions about adoption, when they don’t feel like they have the power to change their mind at any time during the pregnancy, when they are flown out of state to have their babies— these are symptoms of a greater issue.

Women considering placing their babies for adoption deserve better.

We believe expectant mothers deserve safe spaces to ask honest questions about adoption, feel equipped and empowered to make the best decision for their lives and know with absolute certainty that if they decide that adoption is the best option for them they will never be alone, always loved and never forgotten. We believe expectant mothers should have an adoption agency that serves just them. 

So, what does happen if a mom changes her mind about placing the baby for adoption?

That is her choice and one we would love to visit with her about so she can truly understand her options and have help along her journey. Here is an overview of exactly what the process looks like with us:

  • Contact us via call or text at 1.800.277.0748 or send us a message here.
  • You will be connected with an Abiding Love Expectant Mother Advocate in YOUR area.
  • Meet face-to-face with an Abiding Love Expectant Mother Advocate over a meal or coffee to simply get to know each other.
  • We’ll share what Open Adoption looks like today with Abiding Love’s unique Expectant Mother-centered approach.
  • You decide if you want to pursue parenting or make an Open Adoption plan.

If you are out there, pregnant and wondering if adoption is right for you- we’re waiting for you with open arms. You deserve only the best, and we strive to be that for you.