If you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and thinking about adoption in Florida, we’re so glad you’re here!

After 10 years of serving expectant mothers through adoption resources in Georgia and Alabama, we’re excited to now be serving Florida as well!

We understand that you may have a lot of people trying to steer you in your decision as you think about adoption. We have worked with many expectant mothers who have walked this path as well. Our desire is to empower you in your decision as you consider adoption in Florida.

We’re different than most adoption agencies in Florida, because of our commitment to expectant mothers. Our unique expectant mother centered approach has allowed us to earn the trust of hundreds of expectant mothers as they journey through their decision to either parent or make an open adoption plan.

Our commitment to expectant mothers considering adoption includes:

  • Listening and advocating for YOU, the expectant mother
  • No interrogations about your background, just real conversation to help YOU
  • A genuine relationship with YOU, not just during the adoption process but also after the placement of the baby
  • No pressure environment for YOU to make a decision
  • A community of other expectant mothers to connect with YOU


Are you noticing a theme here? We are here for YOU!

We want you to be comfortable and confident with the decision YOU make, and our family at Abiding Love Adoptions desires that more than anything else.

If we could offer a sincere personal tip to you, please don’t settle with mediocre care by any adoption agency.

You deserve to be listened to and advocated for—

Not manipulated.

Never coerced.

Not strung along.

If you’re considering adoption as a possibility, we’d love to connect with you. Here’s how it works!

  • Contact us via call or text at 1.800.277.0748 or send us a message here.
  • You will be connected with an Abiding Love Expectant Mother Advocate in YOUR area.
  • Meet face to face with an Abiding Love Expectant Mother Advocate over a meal or coffee to simply get to know each other.
  • We’ll share what Open Adoption looks like today with Abiding Love’s unique Expectant Mother centered approach.
  • You decide if you want to pursue parenting or making an Open Adoption plan.


If you reach out to us— we’ll help you move from feelings of fear, worries, and confusion, to feelings of empowerment, confidence, and the reassurance of knowing that you’ll never be alone, never be forgotten, and always loved.