Birth Mother Advocate
  • Abiding Love Adoptions is seeking a Birth Mother Advocate to join the mission of serving women. The Advocate
    guides the Expectant Mother through her pregnancy, ministering to her needs, educating her on her options,
    informing her of her rights in the adoption process, advocating solely for her, not the hopeful adoptive family,
    while sharing the love of Jesus. This part-time position is a unique opportunity to serve Jesus by being His hands
    and feet.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct pre-placement and placement services and transition her to the post-adoption care program.
  • Work with Expectant Parent(s) by:
    • Conducting the initial interview with the expectant mom
    • Creating a plan of action to improve the well-being of the Expectant Mom and determining services and
      assistance as necessary.
    • Attending doctor’s appointments.
    • Remaining in continual contact with the Expectant Mom
    • Providing case management to include paperwork, case notes, and meetings.
    • Coordinating between Expectant Mom, her doctor, and the hospital and social worker where the child
      will be born.
    • Being on-call and present during delivery.
    • Promoting Abiding Love throughout the assigned regions, developing partnerships.
  • On-Call system to be shared with fellow advocates for Emergency and After Hour Intake

Key Competencies:

Compassion Humility Adaptability Integrity Initiative Flexibility


  • Fifteen to twenty-five (15-25) hours per week
  • 7 hours of training annually
  • Occasional Travel
  • Abide by State Required Policy
  • Submit to a National FBI Criminal Background Check, State Background Check, Child Abuse Registry, and Drug Test as requested by Abiding Love.

** The employee will be paid for fifteen to twenty-five (15-25) hours a week for work at a rate of $18.00-$24.00 an hour based on degree and experience with the potential to expand hours as needed. Comp time is provided. Paid holidays, paid sick time, paid maternity leave and vacation are provided based on length of employment.

    Please send a resume and cover letter to Lori, via email at Loris@abidingloveadopt.com.

    Explore the option of adoption.

    open adoption

    Open Adoption is a form of adoption in which the biological and adoptive families have access to varying degrees of each other’s personal information. Open adoptions are relatively common and provide the most contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. It’s common for the adoptive family and the birth mother to meet in person, send pictures and letters, and even celebrate special moments together.


    You choose the adoptive parents, decide the post-adoption contact, and control the hospital environment.

    Your voice, your choices. You decide how involved your advocate is – from walking alongside you during pregnancy, doctor visits, during the hospital stay, and post-open adoption. You call the shots even with the agency.


    Open adoption replaces the “I wonder?” attached to abortion and foster care, with the permanency of “I know!” through phone calls, pictures, letters, and visits as designed by you.

    You receive an advocate who will meet with you face-to-face, whose purpose is to work freely for you. The advocate meets adoptive parents when you do. She works to protect your hope, demanding your voice is heard.


    Open adoption brings love to both of you through a forever connection with your child and the adoptive parents.

    Open adoption is a hard decision, based solely on love. Your advocate will be present if you wish, especially after you leave the hospital. We will walk alongside you before, during, and after the adoption process.


    Choosing to extend your family through open adoption gives you and the adoptive family one purpose: being attached forever to love your child unconditionally.

    Available 24/7, physically and emotionally present, ready to help and committed to supporting you, even years down the road.