embryo adoptions

Embryo Adoption is a new and exciting option to Prospective Adoptive Parents and Parents who have completed the Invitro-fertilization (IVF) process, but have remaining embryos.

Through Embryo Adoption, Adoptive Mothers are able to experience pregnancy and childbirth. Abiding Love Adoptions firmly believes life begins at conception. Therefore, Embryo Adoption gives Embryos who have been frozen an opportunity for life. The Embryos belong to the adopting parents before they are placed in the womb where the donating parents have relinquished all parental rights to Abiding Love Adoption Agency. The Adoption Legal process takes place before the Embryo(s) is/are transferred to the Adoptive Mother or Surrogate. Therefore, at the time of birth, the Adoptive Parents are the legal parents of the child.

Embryo Adoption gives a Prospective Adoptive Parent the ability to experience pregnancy and birth, while ensuring that a treasured life is preserved at the same time.

Who Adopts Frozen Embryos?

Prospective Adoptive Parents embrace Embryo Adoption for various reasons. Most have faced varying degrees of male or female infertility. Others are frustrated with the costs of IVF and treatment cycles. Regardless of the reason, there is an increase in the desire to adopt Embryos.

Embryo Donation v. Embryo Adoption

Embryo Donation is generally managed by medical fertility clinics. Generally, the clinic receives donated embryos and gives them anonymously to whomever the clinic chooses. Due to Anonymity, the receiving parent only receives medical background information. They do not receive social information. There are medical clinics that do allow the donating family the opportunity to choose the receiving family. However, the majority do not provide these services.

Embryo Adoption is managed through an Adoption Agency or Attorney much like a “traditional adoption” works with an Adoption Agency. Abiding Love provides the same protections that a “traditional adoption” offers. You are provided access to not only the medical background, but important social background information such as education, work skill-sets, hobbies and special interests of the genetic family. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with your child’s genetic family similar to that of an Open Adoption in a “traditional adoption.” The genetic family and Prospective Adoptive Parents can tailor the Post Adoption Contact to the needs of that specific Child, Adoptive Parent and Genetic Parent, allowing for everyone to have limited to no contact or become ONE BIG FAMILY.

Abiding Love will walk with both the Genetic Parent and the Prospective Adoptive Parents to help facilitate communication between the families and to counsel you on how to talk to your child(ren) about their unique conception and adoption-related issues.

Most importantly, Embryo Adoption provides the confidence that the Genetic Parent does not have any legal responsibilities towards the child, while ensuring the Adoptive Parent that they do have sole parental rights to the child(ren). This is an important distinction. Embryo Donation is essentially a series of Contracts. Embryo Adoption is a hybrid of Contract Law and Adoption Law to ensure that any and all of the Genetic Parent’s parental rights or parental claims are terminated and the Adoptive Parent has sole parental rights.

If I am interested in Embryo Adoption what steps do I take?

First talk to your OB/GYN and/or Reproductive Endocronoligist to see if you are a candidate1. Call Abiding Love Adoption Agency – CONTACT INFORMATION – to schedule a face-to-face meeting or conference call about how Embryo Adoption can be the answer for you and your family.

Georgia and Embryo Adoption

Georgia is one of the pioneering states to have actually created legislation specifically for Embryo Adoption. This benefits both the Adoptive Parent and Genetic Parent to ensure that this process is legally secure and binding without future devastating consequences. Embryo Adoptions can be filed in the Courts just as a “traditional adoption.”

I have Embryos, what do I do?

You created your embryos with love, and the hope and dream of a child. You may not have anticipated having remaining embryos and may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the decision for their future. You have four options for your remaining embryos:

1) Donate Embryos to Abiding Love to be adopted by a loving family.
2) Donate Embryos to Scientific Research
3) Keep your Embryos frozen
4) Contact your clinic or facility storing your embryos to discard your remaining Embryos.

Are there Expenses paid to the Genetic Parents?

In Embryo Adoption an Adoptive Parent does not pay expenses like you would in a “traditional adoption.” Furthermore, it is unethical in the State of Georgia for one to exchange money for an Embryo. However, a Prospective Adoptive Parent can pay for reimbursement of storage fees or medical fees incurred by the Genetic Parent. If possible, these fees are paid directly to the Medical Doctor’s Office or Facility.

1If you are not a candidate please know Surrogacy or a Genetic Carrier is a possibility to explore next.