expectant mothers faq

What is an open adoption?

In an open adoption, both the Birthparents and Adoptive Parents have access to varying degrees of each other’s personal information according to your comfort level. You can decide to maintain contact during the pregnancy, at the time of birth, and after the child has been legally transferred to the custody of the Adoptive family. Open Adoption means ONE BIG FAMILY.

What does ONE BIG FAMILY look like?

Adoption is evolving. Abiding Love is trying to change the way adoption works. Gone are the days where Birthmothers gave birth and never met their child or had a relationship with the Adoptive Parents.  History has shown that your “Grandmother’s Adoption” is not healthy for the Birthparent, Adoptive Parent or Child. 

Thankfully, Open Adoption has taken over turning the three branches of adoption, Birth Parent, Adoptive Parent, and Child into one tree. Many times the Birthparent moves into the role of a favored Aunt/Uncle in a Big Family.  While each Adoption is unique, there is always a special connection between a Birthparent and child that can never be broken.

Can I choose the adoptive parents for my child?

Absolutely! You choose the adoptive parents, you decide the post-adoption contact and hospital environment.  You are in control.

Do I get to see my baby in the hospital?

Yes. With Abiding Love, you can control the Hospital Environment.  You decide if you want the baby in your room, in the nursery, or with the Adoptive Parents.  When the Adoptive Parents get involved is completely up to you.  Abiding Love makes sure that the Hospital Staff, Doctors, and all Social Workers involved abide by your wishes for how you envision the Hospital experience.

Do I get to see my baby after the adoption?

Yes. Georgia Law allows for a Post Adoption Contact Agreement to be signed by both the Birth Parents and the Adoptive Parents.  This is a legally binding document that details when and how you will receive updates on your child, and how often you will visit with the child and adoptive family.  This document protects and ensures that the Open Adoption Plan you created continues after the birth of your child.

Can Abiding Love help me with Expenses?

Yes In an agency adoption, expectant mothers can receive Expenses related to the pregnancy, delivery, and recovery after the child is born.  These Expenses include reasonable living costs, for example: housing, food, medical, clothing, and cell phone costs related to the pregnancy.

When do I sign Adoption Paperwork?

In Georgia, a Birthmother may give consent no earlier than twenty-four (24) hours after the child’s birth.   If the Birthfather is not a legal Father (a father who is married to the expectant mother), but a Putative Father, he can sign before the child is born.

What happens if I do not know who the birth father is or where he is?

In the situation where a Expectant Mother does not know the identity of the Biological Father, Georgia Law allows for the Georgia Putative Father Registry to be searched.  If the Expectant Mother does know the identity of the Biological Father, but does not know where he is, Georgia Law allows for the Birth Father to be notified of the Adoption through publication in the Newspaper.

What is a Private Adoption v. Agency Adoption?

A Private Adoption is where the Birth Parents and the Adoptive Parents are exclusively working with an Attorney and not an Adoption Agency.   There are several limitations to Private Adoption.  For example, Georgia Law does not allow for Birth Mother expenses to be paid to the Birth Parent through a Private Adoption except for Medical Expenses.

In an Agency Adoption, a licensed Adoption Agency is involved and oversees the placement of the child with the Adoptive Family to confirm that the child is being cared for properly. In an Agency Adoption, Expectant Mothers can receive Expenses related to the Pregnancy, Delivery, and Recovery after the child is born. At Abiding Love, the Executive Director is an Adoption Attorney with over ten (10) years experience. What does this mean for you as a birth parent? That means that instead of the Agency having to consult with an Attorney to answer any of your legal questions, Abiding Love can answer those questions in house. If at any time you as a Birth Parent wish to have a separate Attorney, then Abiding Love will provide that for you at no cost to you

Do expectant mothers have to pay for lawyers or agency fees?

No. Adoptive Parents are responsible for covering all of these costs.