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What would you do in an unplanned pregnancy?

Most women know someone who has already had to make tough choices due to an unplanned pregnancy and have considered what they themselves would do in that situation. Everyone has an opinion, but the only one that matters is YOURS. Click on stories to hear from other women who have walked before you.

Open Adoption: what is it? Here at Abiding Love, it means families created by unconditional love, committed to one another through a forever relationship between Birthparents, Child and Adoptive Parents. Open Adoption brings love to both the Birthparent and Adoptive Parent through a forever connection with your child.

Adoption has many roots:
∙ Infant Adoption
∙ Domestic Adoption
∙ Embryo Adoption

But for Prospective Adoptive Families, the starting place is always the same: A Home Study

∙ What does Open Adoption look like as a Birthparent?
∙ Are you committed to creating or expanding your family through adoption?
∙ Have you undergone in vitro fertilization (IVF) and you have additional embryos you no longer need?
∙ Are you interested in Embryo Adoption?

We work with clients all over Georgia as well as out-of-state, in coordination with other agencies or Attorneys licensed in that state, you are…

never alone, never forgotten, always loved

“Carrie and Vicki work out of love.”

-A grateful birth mother